• What is the Camo Dip Kit?


    Camo Dip Kit is a do-it-yourself kit much like the commercial process known as water transfer imaging. Our kit allows you to process parts on a small scale in your home. The kit contains the printed film, chemicals, and basic supplies needed for creating unique camoflage items at home. All you'll need to provide is a container for dipping the items in and a supply warm water This is the same process that gun and ATV manufacturers use to print camo patterns on their products And automotive manufacturers use to print wood grain patterns on plastic interior pieces. This process can be done on any part that can be safely submerged under water.

  • Camo Dip Kit is EASY-4 Steps

    •Clean and prep the part
    •Base coat the part
    •Dip the part
    •Clear coat the part




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Carbon Fiber Hydro DipCamouflage Dip KitCandy Ovals

What is Water Transfer Printing

Water transfer imaging is the process of applying decorative finished to 3D products. Any hard surface, non-porous and that can be submersed in water can be decorated. Anything you can get paint to stick to the object most likely you can decorate it with this process. Examples of such materials are: plastic, glass, hardwoods, fiberglass, ceramics, and metal (metal objects will require you to provide a self etching metal primer)


How does the Hydro Dip Process Work

Products are decorated using a print, which resides on a thin base of water-soluble film. The printed film is placed on the surface of the water, and the base begins to dissolve. A patented activator chemical is sprayed over the film causing the ink to remain floating in an oil-like state on top of the water. Next the properly prepared part is immersed into the water, and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to the item. After the entire item has been immersed, it is removed from the water, cleaned and then coated with a clear coat. Included in the kit is a link to a set of video instructions that walk you through all the steps in the process.



Our Camo Dip Kit Includes:


  • Hydrographic / Water Transfer film. Our Large Kit comes with 1 square meter (20 inches wide by 6.5 feet long) of top quality, hydrographic film - enough material to dip an entire rifle with scope and rings, a car console with accessories, 2- 3 hand guns, you name it!
  • 1 Can of Hydrographic Base Coat Paint - Incredibly durable base coat made specifically for the water transfer process.
  • 1 Can of Matte Finish DEET and solvent resistant, hard-as-nails clear coat that will stand up to whatever you can dish out!
  • 1 Bottle of Hardener - Used by both the paint and the matte finish. When mixed with the paint and clear coat, this will give you a rock hard finish that no aerosol "rattle can" can ever provide!
  • 1 Can of Film Activator - this "releases" the print from the film and onto your object.
  • 1 Hydraphics Sprayer System Used to apply your paint, clear coat and film activator. It is the perfect cross between a commercial spray gun and a can of cheap, aerosol spray paint. As easy to use as an aerosol!
  • 2 Pairs of Latex Gloves
  • Instructional DVD - 90 minute video - broken up into over 40 chapters for easy navigation through the entire process! A very detailed walk-through of a complete dip - from disassembly and prep, through the painting, dipping, touch-ups, finishing and reassembly. In the process, we will show you techniques and tips used by professional dippers.
  • 1 Set of Thorough, Written Directions


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