Do It Yourself – DIY Hydro Dip Kits, Films, & Activators

Who – We are the original Hydro-Dip and have worked countless hours to achieve the reputation of being the front leader in water transfer printing now referred to as hydro-dipping. We have spent over a decade perfecting our techniques and products. Our application engineers have extensive knowledge of various coatings, Cerakote, automotive paints, industrial paints, and specialty paints for customers with special needs. Just a few of the OEM customers we serve are 3M, Bosch and Lomb, Browning, Department of Defense, Gentex/Ops-Core, L3-Warrior Division, Nosler, Revision Military, Rubber Maid Medical, US Military, VICIS, Weatherby Rifles, and many other well-known brands. As one of the industry leaders Hydro-Dip is a solid choice for anyone looking to become involved in the industry. We welcome all levels.

What – We are proud to announce that Hydro-Dip now offers Dip-Stick equipment, supplies and training for beginner or advanced dipping and paint shops as well as complete DIY kits for the novice. Products include Degreasers, Primers, Paints, Clear Coats, Hydro-Dip Kits, Dip Tank Packages, Hydro-Dip Spray Kits, Hydrographic Aerosols, Liquid Products, KG Products, Stainless Steel Cups, Hydrographic Film and Hydro-Dip Training.

When – Now! We are excited to offer everything you need to decorate a single item or provide high-end equipment, supplies and training for those of you who want to make this a successful career.

Where – To accommodate a growing customer base, Hydro-Dip has recently relocated to a larger facility and are now headquartered just off I-84 at the base of the beautiful Elk Horn Mountains in Baker City, OR. We have fulfillment centers located both in the Eastern and Western portions of the USA.

Why – With the limited amount of information and training available in the industry, we have been compelled to share our expertise and amazing product line to help those who want to try hydro-dipping themselves or the existing shops that need a reliable place to purchase high-end supplies in a timely manner and a place to be trained to be successful. We have “fought in the trenches” and experienced challenges you may be struggling with. Our desire and goal is to offer on-going support and help you be successful.





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