KG Shotgun Cleaning Kit


New easy and convenient package of KG Shotgun Cleaning Kit designed with your shooting needs in mind. Owning a firearm comes with the obligation of cleaning it properly on a regular basis. Proper gun maintenance does not only prevent corrosion, but also offers an opportunity to check for signs of wear, which in turn allows you to tell which components need repair or replacement.

Cleaning guns can sometimes be cumbersome, especially when you need to carry an array of cleaning products. Your shotgun and its case, as well as a couple of ammunition boxes, are already bulky—imagine having to carry those along with several cans of lubricants, gun oil, and metal polishers. KG Industries LLC is proud to offer an excellent and convenient solution—a shotgun cleaning kit.

Each pack is tailored to provide you with the cleaners you need to make sure your weapons function properly and shoot accurately. Available for smooth bore or rifled barrel systems. The kit includes the following products:

KG-1 Carbon Remover – Over time, carbon from bullets collects on the surface of your shotgun’s main components. If not removed, this carbon buildup can affect your shots by increasing resistance. You can use the KG-1 Carbon Remover to deal with carbon buildup conveniently.

KG-2 Bore Polish – The right tools and agents can let you access your shotgun’s bore and eliminate whatever debris is left in the interior. This will rid your shotgun of additional resistance from debris, allowing you to take a shot with precision.

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