Mini Burning Skulls Pro Series (Full Meter)

  • Price: $10.00
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A mini version of our ever popular Burning Skulls. Just because it is a mini version dosen’t make it a wimp. You will still get the full color and realistic flames with flaming skulls coming out of the design. The only difference in this and its counterpart is the size of the skulls. The mini version has skulls that are about half the size, and in some cases size does matter. These skulls are a perfect fit for some of your projects with smaller or tighter areas to work with. The flames look so real you may have to take a second look to make sure your item is not on fire. This pattern makes an excellent choice for someone wanting to customize auto or motorcycle parts…or anything else you would like to set fire to.

  • This film is sold on the roll and sealed in plastic to protect from humidity.
  • It measures a full meter 40″ x 40″
  • Base coat recommended is white.